Friday, June 5, 2009

Found a great Peruvian restaurant!

Ever since my hubby visited Peru, we had several chances to visit different Peruvian restaurants in LA. Recently my hubby found an article about a new Peruvian restaurant close to our house (and yes, it means close to USC), so we decided to check it out.

The restaurant is called MO-CHICA. Is it only me? It sounds very joyful to me. It is in a food court, so the ambience-wise it is not so spiffy, but wait until you taste the food! Anyway, unlike some restaurants which have hundreds of menu items, the number of dishes on the menu was just right, which I really loved. The menu basically has "Starters" and "Main Course." The "Starters" contains 4 dishes. Each costs only about $3-$5. And the "Main Course" contains 8 dishes ranging from $6 to $13. Great deal!! What intrigued me was the presentation of each dish. They were presented as if you were in a high-end restaurant where you are typically charged $30/dish.

I followed my hubby's suggestions, and we got 2 starters and 2 main courses. Yes, it was more than plenty, but we wanted to try as much as we can :). 2 starters we got were Papa ala Huancaina (roasted potatoes, boiled eggs, huancaina sauce) and Ceviche del Dia. I am not a huge fan of creamy stuff, but even I could enjoy this Papa ala Huancaina. The sauce had a mild spice to it, and it wasn't as creamy as it looked (loved that!). We also got a glass of Chicha Morada (purple corn tea), which was very good, too.

Just by the time we are done with our starters, our main dishes were served. Great timing! We ordered Quinotto (wild mushroom, quinua grain rissotto, crema fraiche) and Seco de Cordero (Lamb shank, canario beans, salsa criolla, cilantoro beer sauce). Quinotto was served with green salad and Lamb was served with rice (with corn in it!). Both looked and tasted amazing. I was indeed astonished with their price performance!!

I would definitely go back again and would also recommend this place to anyone. If you are interested in, check out their web site:

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