Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally done with the Community Site

I couldn't update the blog as I had been bogged down with Drupal in order to build a community site for my neighborhood association. I started to work on it (or I should say I took over the work after my hubby sat on it for a year) in April. I had no knowledge about Drupal then, and I certainly did underestimate the magnitude of the project.

As a product person, I had to create a requirement document. So, that was the first thing that I did. Conceptualizing what people are hoping to accomplish with the site, and writing down the requirements. But that is just a beginning. Adding frame to it and sculpting it takes long time. And, yes, it did take two full months. I took 1.5 weeks off due to my family visit, but I was pretty much working fulltime on it. And now, I am happy to announce the version 1.0 is done!!

One thing I realized about Drupal is that it is a wide-open-source. It seemed to me like everyone is working on random things and all the information is all over the place. People keep saying how robus and wonderful it is, but I really have to scratch my head when I hear that. I mean, yes, it has lots of themes and modules available, but different versions of Drupal and modules and updates are all nested and you need to spend quite a lot of time sorting things out (if you encounter issues).

After all, though, two months of struggling with Drupal surely gave me lots of insights and knowledge about Drupal. Another site with Drupal? Ah... don't want to think about it for a while. I am moving on with my life!

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