Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Yakitori Night

We had another yakitori night. This time, I made some turkey tsukune (meatballs) as well. Ingredients for turkey tsukune are: ground turkey, green onion, mushrooms, egg, breadcrumbs, miso, ginger, soy sauce, sake, and salt. What you have to do is: 1) mince 1-2 green onion and 1-2 mushrooms, 2) put ground turkey (1/4 pound) and an egg in a bowl, 3) put 1) in the bowl and mix everything (lightly please and don't mush them), 4) in a separate bowl, mix miso (1/2 table spoon), soy sauce (1/2 table spoon), sake (1/2 table spoon), ginger (1 tea spoon), and a little bit of salt, and 5) dump the mixture 4) into 3) bowl. Mix well but don't mush. 6) add breadcrumbs little by little until it forms enough consistency to make balls.

Once the mixture is ready, you make it into balls and sautee them for about 2 mins in a pan and add water, put a lid, and boil them for about 5 mins. And, it is ready to be skewered! All you have to do is grilling them with the rest of skewers


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