Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friend's Wedding

It was truely great to see one of our favorite friends getting married happily ever after. He was comfortably happy, witty as usual, and proudly acknowleging the fact that he is now starting a new family. Congratulations friend!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


"Temakizushi" means hand-wrapped (="temaki") sushi. It is easy to prepare and great for any size of party. All you have to do is to get sashimi plate with assorted raw fish, make sushi rice, and it's ready :) I typically make "Atsuyaki Tamago" (egg omelet type if dish but without butter and instead with sake, mirin, sugar, fish broth, and a bit of salt) as my hubby loves it. I also recommend getting some "shiso" leaves if you mind the smell of fish. Its minty flavor will ease out the fish smell. You can also add avocado, immitation crab meat, or tuna mixed with mayonnaise. You serve all that with "Nori" and "Wasabi", and it is ready to eat!


What you do is to get a sheet of nori, put enough amount of sushi rice on either side of nori to cover up approx. 1/3 of nori sheet. Then put wasabi on rice, put shiso (if you like), and put ingredients like fish, eggs, avocado, etc, diagonally, and finally wrap everything with the remaining portion of nori.

After eating sushi, hubby served us his souvenir from Czech Republic. It was a plum-based liquor called Slivovice. I thought it was a liqueur which would be somewhat sweet, but I was very wrong. It was a heavy duty liquor with 45%(!!) alcohol. I thought my tongue would get numbed. I put a piece of ice cube in a shot glass and slowly enjoyed it, but by the time I finished a shot, I was very ready to fall asleep. Strong stuff!


Outside, lots of legal & illegal fireworks were going. Since gG was so scared with all the noise, he hid himself in my closet. It took me about 5 mins to find him :). Poor gG. He was shivering in a dark closet. But he calmed down once my hubby held him in his arm.