Friday, April 17, 2009

Japanese dinner week

Somehow after coming back from Japan, I had more craving for Japanese food. So, on Monday night, I made four dishes. One was a little dish with very thinly sliced pork, which I can only get at the Japanese grocery stores. I wrapped cheese and green beans in them, lightly breaded them, and fried them. Then I made "Asari Sakamushi" by steaming Asari with Sake..literally, Tofu Salad with sesame and vinaigrette dressing, and simly boiled Satoimo (type of taro). My hubby who typically doesn't like taro even liked these boiled ones. You peal the skin off and eat it as is (with maybe a bit of salt). And on Thursday, I made a very simple dinner with five dishes. Well, two out of five were already made, so I only made three by myself. The main dish that day was "Unagi", my hubby's favorite. You can buy a packed Unagi, and you just have to warm it up using microwave :) For the side dishes, I made Miso soup with Tofu and Aburaage (take a look at the definition here: Wikipedia - Aburaage), Naganegi Sumiso Ae (boiled leek with Miso and vinaigrette), Itame Yamaimo with cheese and Shiso (lightly sauté Yamaimo=yam with Ponzu topped with cheese and Shiso leaves) assorted with boiled celery, and Gobo Salad (gobo=burdock) which we just bought as is. And on Friday, we just grilled a whole bunch of Kushis like chicken, shrimps, quail eggs, sausages, pearl onions, and small rice balls. Althuogh they look burned in the pic below, they were actually perfectly done! And they are so easy to make. Try!

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