Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hiking at Wilacre Park

Amazingly there are lots of hiking trails around Hollywood. Wilacre Park is one of them. It is located on the north side of Hollywood Hills and the trail is faily short although some parts are steep and perfect for a strenuous workout if you can jog up. In fact, we saw a few people jogging up and down the trail despite the heat wave of 95F!

Park Entrance

Yep, we picked the best day and best time of the day to hike up to 1,060 elevation^^; It was around 95F outside, and we started the hike right around 1:30pm when the sun was attacking us like laser beam. But the view along the way to the top was great and the plants were beautiful.

View of Valley

Me at the top - water time!

Little Friend

Beautiful Flower

Close to the top, the trail merges with two other trails. One goes down to the paved road and the other goes down to another park and another trail. Most people just turned back around and take the same trail back to the parking lot, which we also did except at the half way, we explored wilder and narrower trail for a while. Yet, downhill was indeed a joy :) It was almost 4pm when we got to the bottom and the tilted sun was beaming through the trees calmly. Trail Map of Wilacre Pak can be found here.

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