Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Bob spent his birthday

April 18th was Bob's birthday. It was a gorgeous day. The morning sun was beaming into our living room beautifully. As I went out to the backyard wondering what my hubby and cat were doing, I found them on the grass :) I had to take a few pics. Bob was as if back in the life of hippie era. Then he made himself a toast with lots of butter and cinnamon sugar. To my comment of "hmmm, is that enough butter?," he replied back "it is my birthday."... Okay. Then to burn the calories he has taken, we went to gym and worked out. But then, Bob wanted to have a carrot cake at Tender Greens since "it was his birthday"...ugh ^^; In order to maximize the calories anyone can take in one day, I took him out to dinner to Palm. Palm is a famous steak house which we used to go quite often when we lived in West Hollowood. We found another branch in downtown LA about 5 mins drive from our house. The place was rather full but we managed to get a booth seat. Stuffed ourselves up with 3lb lobster, 14oz filet minion, wild mashrooms, and keylime pie! Oh boy. Birthday is all about all you can eat!

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