Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yakitori Night!

"Yakitori" became a well-known cusine in the US. It is a grilled chicken speared on stick. "yaki" means grilled or baked or broiled, and "tori" means bird. How simple is that? Nowadays, most Yakitori places not only serves skewered chicken but also serve skewered veggies, quail eggs, and all kinds of meet. "Kushiyaki" is another word which people use to represent such style of cooking. "kushi" is skewer and "yaki" again is grilled, baked, or broiled. :)

"Yakitori" is almost a part of Japanese "salary man's" after-work life. Poeple would say "yakitori de ippai yarouka" meaning "let's have a drink over yakitori."

All of a sudden, I had an urge to make my own yakitori the other night. We skewered chickens, pearl onions, green peppers, quail eggs, and shrimps and BBQed in our backyard. They were just simple and soooooo good!

Oh btw, you can skewer chicken skin and grill it until it gets very crispy. Not my favorite, but my hubby loves it!

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