Saturday, October 11, 2008

Santa Monica Swap Meet - Oct 5, 2008

In an attempt to find something good for our living room, we went to this swap meet in Santa Monica. We have been in LA for almost 9 years now, but we only went to a swap meet once; that time it was the Melrose one.

Santa Monica one is famous for the antiques. Hmmm, there is a fine line between "antiques" and "old junks." I have to say most of the items belonged in the category of the latter :( But, we found a couple of items which reminded of our childhood like old tricycle and rollerskate! Rollerskate became pretty popular when I was in elementary school in Japan. I remember wanting a pair so much. And, it was that X'mas my parents bought me a pair as a X'mas present. I used to come home from school around 3pm and head immediately to the side street and practiced. Did I become a great skater? Nope, but I loved the concept of "trying to be a rollerskater."

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