Saturday, October 18, 2008

Helms Bakery - Oct 12,2008

As you know, we have been looking for furniture to put in our living room. We went to a party last Saturday and there we were having a precise discussion about where we can find good piece of furniture. People mentioned to me "Helms Bakery." ?? Why bakery? We are talking about furniture here. Apparently it used to be a huge and successful bakery from 1930s up to the late 1960s. Paul Helm is the guy who started it, and it became an official baker of the 1932 Summer Olympics! Find more details here.

Anyway, we finally went there! It was amazing--a huge compelx full of stores and cafe-style restaurants. We went into a rug store, spending a fair amount of time learning about different types of rugs from the owner-like lady. She was very helpful. We didn't buy anything, as we didn't take the measurements :( But, we will definitely go back there. Everything was on sale. We also went into H.D. Buttercup. HUGE! Very good looking furniture. We couldn't find the exact piece we wanted to get, but it is worth visiting.

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