Monday, April 21, 2008

Sushi Experience in Shizuoka

There is a Sushi restaurant that I have to visit whenever I go back to Shizuoka. "Neta" (what's on top of rice) is pretty fresh and the price is very reasonable. They have great selections of "Kai" (shell fish), which I LOVE but am usually scared to eat here in the States and never got around to satisfy my cravings. So, this time as usual, I visited the same restaurant. I know the chefs there very well. They showed me a plate of "Kai" with gorgeously lined up shell fish. They are usually pricier than regular fish, but boy... you cannot say you know Sushi without knowing the taste of "Kai". Our chef also made us a cute cartoon character called "Anpan-Man" with fish and pickles. Two hearts besides the face are made out of pickled radish. The face is made out of scallops, orange cheeks are made out of salmon, nose is made out of tuna, mouth is made out of picked carrot, and the two yes are made out of some sort of pickles as well. It was just very tasty... sorry I did eat. So... here are the Sushi Chefs.

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