Sunday, April 6, 2008

Driving through Hobart

Last weekend, we had a chance to explore a good portion of Hobart Blvd., the street our fern house is on.
Hobart Blvd. goes quite a long way from south to north. The most southern part of Hobart seems to be around Torrance Blvd and Western. It disappears for a while until you go up north of 405 and keeps re-appearing and re-disappearing until you go above 105. After that, it appears most of the way till you hit W Florence Ave (around 72nd St) and disappear again. Then, around W Vermon Ave (44th St), it appears again. It gets cut with the Martin Luther King Jr. Park around 39th St. Skip one block and reappear at W Jefferson Blvd. and all the way up to Los Feliz and above to the very gorgeous hillside top.
We drove starting at Jefferson Blvd all the way up to the top of the hill. We also got to see the iconic Wilshire Boulevard Temple, which Samuel Tilden Norton who architected our fern house served as one of three architects. The temple was completed in 1929. See the pics of Hoboart Blvd:

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