Saturday, April 26, 2008

Curing Olives!

We have an Olive tree in our backyard. About two months ago, it put out beautiful flowers which reminded me of Japanese "sakura" (cherry blossom). Although I thought I knew it was an olive tree, I started to wonder if it might actually be a cherry tree.

I was wrong. In March, I started to notice little olives here and there. In April, I took off for Japan and came back and guess what I found!!! Hundreds of HUGE olives growing all over the tree.

Its branches were drooping with the weight of huge olives. I felt like the tree was begging me for help. So, I did. My hubby and I picked the olives from the tree. I believe we picked more than several hundred for sure. And, we still have more to go.

We found an article on how to cure olives ( and we decided to go with "Water Curing" and "Brine Curing".

Day 0: April 20, 2008Day 6: April 26, 2008

It has been 6 days, and I have started to see a reddish color in salt water. We are curing them! - I hope.

On the same day, we also found some more strawberries and oranges. You can tell how big these olives are in comparison to strawberries and oranges.Spring harvest!

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