Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar 2! - Nov 09, 2008

Went to The Grove and saw Madagascar 2. Kid's movie? No, adults can enjoy it very much. Alex and his buddies are now on their way home to NY city but end up being in Africa, which apparently was Alex's real home. He reencounters with his dad and mom and starts learning the societal harshness and politics. But, he sticks with his own belief and shtick and finally becomes a part of the society. No no, the story was not explicitly serious like that. It was full of witty humour and laughs. Highly recommend the movie.

Before the movie, we had a luxury to enjoy cajun food at the farmer's market.

We had our all time favorites, which we haven't had a chance to eat for a while. They are Blacken Catfish Po'boy and Gumbo Yaya! Mmmm mmm GOOD!

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