Sunday, September 21, 2008

Harvard Heights: 2008 Wine Tour

Our neighborhood has this event called "Wine Tour" every year. I missed the last year's, as I was in Japan at that time. So, I was very excited to be able to join for the first time! This is a neigborhood-only tour to visit 6 or 7 houses and enjoy the wine&food and conversation. Each is paired with a house and prepare food and drinks for the tour. This year, we were paired with a Pinot Noir house. We got three bottles of Pinot Noir, some smoked salmon, smoked sausages, two kinds of cheese, and crackers.

The tour started out from Jennifer's house, which has been recently remodeled completely. Gorgerously done. The color scheme reminded me of Tiffany. Very elegant and not in your face. The kicken had comtenporarly aspects to it functionality wise but kept the old look and feel to it.

Other houses were just so gorgeous as well. Every one of them had good square footage, but they maintained the historic aspects which we liked. As lovers of old era and houses, we exchanged information as to where you get the light fixures, rugs, etc.

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