Sunday, July 27, 2008

Malibu party

"Malibu" sounds so "rich", doesn't it? Yep, it is rich. We had the luxury of attending a pary held in one of the houses on the beachline of Malibu. The view of ocean was magnificent. The house is not on a sandy side of Malibu, so no foot steps of seagulls which I just cannot take (don't ask me why). And, the fun part is the house itself. Lots of entertaining stuff.

First, right beside the main entrance, there is a little door with stuffed wolf in it. I have been to this house before, and I know in fact, it actually comes out when you press a button.

And there was another surprise. By the pool there was a plant. Very normal looking, and all of a sudden with a scary noise, ghost (of course fake!) rise up from beneath the tree.

And the dogs. They are just so cute and hilarious. Both of them are fixiated on a ball, and whenever someone throws the ball into water, they would jump in and try to catch it. And, one of them supposedly cannot swim, so it piggy back on the other one!

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